Victorinox Kitchen Knives

What You Should Know About Fine Swiss Army Cutlery

Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Steve McCurdy, Editor | Posted 10:30 am July 20, 2013

A Brief Company History

Victorinox AG, was founded in the town of Ibach, canton of Schwyz, country of Switzerland in 1884 as a maker of commercial cutlery. In 1891 the Company began delivering knives to the Swiss Army, and in 1909 adopted its now famous “Swiss Army” logo/emblem - a white cross within a red shield. Today, Victorinox is still headquartered in Ibach, and prides itself on never having laid off even one employee for economic reasons in 129 years. The Company currently employs about 1,700. In 2005 Victorinox acquired Wenger, at the time the only other the other official supplier of Swiss Army knives, and became sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army. Victorinox Swiss Army knives have been to the moon, to the summit of Mt. Everest, and to the Arctic Circle.

In 1937 Victorinox began selling cutlery in America through a Connecticut distributor named R. H. Forschner & Co. At the time a well known manufacturer of butcher scales, Forschner soon became the exclusive U.S. distributor for Victorinox knives, and some knives still bear the words “Distributed by R.H. Forschner.” When Forschner went public in 1981, one of its major initial investors was Charles Elsener, Owner, and CEO of Victorinox, and son of the Company’s Founder, Karl Elsener. In 2011 Victorinox began marketing all its product lines, including kitchen knives, under the common, umbrella name by which the Company is now popularly known – VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY.

About Victorinox Cutlery Products


Today Victorinox kitchen knives are prized for their unique blend of quality, functionality, and economy. They are among the most popular of all cutlery brands with professional chefs, butchers, fishmongers, and accomplished home cooks. The full line includes paring, steak, chefs, santoku, bread, carving, boning and filet knives. All knives are made from high-carbon, stainless steel, and all feature the famous sharp and long lasting edges honed using the Company’s special proprietary techniques. 

Victorinox knives are sold separately, or can be acquired in sets from among four collections; the Swiss Classic Collection, the Rosewood Collection, the Ceramic Collection, and the Forged Collection. As its name implies, the Forged Collection is comprised of hand-forged, stainless steel knives that compete the high end of the culinary knife world against products manufactured by Wusthoff and Henckels. Knives in the popular Swiss Classic Collection feature the Company’s patented Fibrox handles. Fibrox is best described as a light-weight, matte plastic composite. A “grippy,” textured surface is coupled with a molded ridge to create knives that perfectly fit their user’s hands. The lighter-than-normal knife weight combines with the ergonomic design to minimize wrist tension and fatigue. All knife blades are one piece, stainless steel construction with full tang. Victorinox kitchen knives are reasonably priced, and the broad selection ensures that products can be found to fit virtually every application and every budget.

The Victorinox name stands for quality, and the Company’s knives are designed to last a lifetime. Every Victorinox knife is sold with the Company’s lifetime guaranty against manufacturing defects. Victorinox kitchen knives are available from specialty cutlery stores worldwide, and are featured at most major retail department stores, including Williams Sonoma, Target, Macys, Nordstrom, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Overstock among others. They are also available online at Amazon and Ebay.

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